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February 15th, 2023


Public Anyone on or off Facebook
2022 State Race Qualifier * $35*
– FB presigns will be open April 30.
-In-person sign ups (the day of) 11:00-1:00

          ABA BMX racing is a sport of youthful achievement and the American family. While the young boy or girl BMX racer develops skills at an individual pace, they are learning about winning, losing and trying again. The racer’s family learns that time spent together is support of the racer and the individual achievements is quality time.

It is the duty of the ABA to establish the rules of racing that provide fair competition and fun family entertainment for all of it’s 60,000 plus members. This is a job to which the AMERICAN BICYCLE ASSOCIATION and all of it’s employees are 100% dedicated.

          Elkhorn BMX is proud to be a sanctioned partner with the ABA BMX organization and is the proud sponsor of the former back-to-back #1 Trophy Team in the country! Catch your HOLESHOT riders rocking their bright and right jerseys at the track  and nationwide.